Home Training courses

Personal program

Based on consultation and analysis of a child or adult with brain or Central Nervous system problems, the Temprana instructor can organize an individual program adapted to the individual's situation. Two people with the same disease/symptom will never get the same program. Everyone has a unique medical history; none are alike!

Long-term process

Home Training with the Temprana Neuro Reflex Therapy method is a long-term process, as the program - depending on each person's situation – has to be performed 4-7 times a week for at least 12 months. The full program takes 1 hour and 15 minutes a day to perform, but it can be divided into 2 sessions of 35-40 minutes. For example, hands and feet in the morning and face in the evening when the baby should sleep. Stimulating the face is very relaxing. Therefore, it is advisable to perform face reflex therapy before sleeping.


Follow-up consultations after the 3-day training course

The family does not need any additional courses when the stimulation program is taught. Still, it is essential that they carry out the correct procedures as taught and then follow up on any adjustment consultation appointments of their program every 3-4 months. The follow-up consultations take approximately 2-3 hours.

Following- up provides training for new energy.

Nerve constantly stimulating points become "dull" and lose their effect. Therefore, training for some new ongoing adjustments of the nerve points is necessary.

Regular contact

To achieve the best results, it is an important part of the Temprana Reflex Therapy program to maintain regular contact between family and therapist to check up on the client's response to the stimulation.