Temprana Method

Temprana REFLEX Home Training concept

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What is Temprana?

Temprana method is a brain re-training concept usually based at the client's home, composed of different neurological stimulation methods for - face, foot, and hand reflex therapies, muscle reflex therapy and Brain Gym. This concept also includes nutritional counseling / supplements.

By stimulating reflex areas and points on the face, feet and hands it is possible to re-train the brain and body´s functions to optimize help with brain issues, chemical processes, endocrine system, blood circulation, organs and muscles; as all these processes are activated through impulses from the central nervous system.

Brain Gym is an exercise program that stimulates the Central Nerve System to produce new nerve connections. Nutritional information about food, amino acids, fats, vitamins and minerals function associated with brain damage, autism and syndromes, mental disorders and other chronic diseases are provided to parents.

Temprana Reflex therapy – is a 100% natural method - completely without risk – and it can be combined with other home training methods and treatments.

How does Temprana method works?

By stimulating neurological points on the face, skull, feet and hands, electrical impulses are sent through the Central Nervous System to the brain, where neurotransmitters will be charged and then send the impulses back to the body's organs and glands to help regulate all body processes and the body's self-healing process.

Besides the brain functions, it is also possible with Temprana Reflex therapy to stimulated hormone and body functions, thereby helping to alleviate breathing problems, allergies and digestive problems. The Temprana method helps sensory dysfunctions such as poor vision and hearing. By stimulating the endocrine and lymphatic system Temprana method increases the excretion of waste substance, which ensures better conditions for the immune system.

The Central Nervous System is dynamic, i.e. it changes depending on conditions. It is flexible and always in the process of forming new neuronal networks. The brain also possesses certain plasticity, which means it has the ability to form new neural connections - a process that is positively affected by intense Temprana Reflex Therapy stimulation.

The Central Nervous System has an amazing capacity for regeneration and adaptation which maybe helped further to show improvements when stimulation with Temprana Reflex Therapy is applied. This is only possible if the professional therapist who trains parents has the correct knowledge about the brain, central nervous system, the body's functions and the right tools in the form of therapeutic advanced Temprana Reflex Therapy methods; so that the professional therapist can organized and combined methods properly to teach the parents the correct reflex points and zones according to the individual person's situation.

Personal program

On basis of a consultation and analyze of a child or adult with brain or Central Nervous system problems it is possible for the Temprana instructor to organize a individual program adapted to the individual situation. Two people with the same disease / symptom will never get the same program.

Everyone has a unique medical history; none are alike! Long-term process. Home Training with Temprana method is a long-term process, as the program - depending on each person's situation – has to be performed 4-7 times a week for at least 12 months.

The full program takes 1 hour and 15 minutes a day to perform, but it can be divided into 2 sessions of 35-40 minutes. For example: - hands and feet in the morning and face the evening when the baby should sleep. Stimulation of the face is very relaxing, therefore it is advisable to perform face reflex therapy program before sleeping.

Follow-up consultations after 3-day training course

When the stimulation program is taught, the family does not need any additional courses, but it is very important that they carry out the correct procedures as taught and then follow-up any adjustment consultation appointments for their program every 3-4 months. The follow-up consultations take approximately 2-3 hours.

Following-up provides training new energy. Nerve points that are stimulated all the time become "dull" and loose their effect. Therefore, it is necessary to train for some new ongoing adjustment of the nerve points.

Regular contact

To achieve the best results it is an important part of the Temprana Reflex Therapy program to maintain regular contact between family and therapist to check up on the client's response to the stimulation.