Special needs therapy school

School, learning, behaviour. Special needs therapy for school problems

Does your child have learning problems, difficulty concentrating, sleep problems, ADHD, OCD or autism?

Info Special needs (PDF)

Then there is help available.

In a simple and especially cozy and congenial manner for both the person doing the stimulating and the receiving - and it does not take long a time to perform. Reflex therapy can be performed by the professional therapist. But...Reflex Therapy can also easily be learned as a home training method by parents or others who take care of the child.

The stimulation is obvious for a bedtime ritual.

It's about reducing children's common illnesses and dysfunctions using the all-natural, gentle and very effective method. The stimulation may relieve and alleviate symptoms derived from the various dysfunctions - and help to improve mental and emotional functions.

  •     Learning- behavior problems
  •     Feelings
  •     Autism
  •     ADHD
  •     OCD
  •     Hyperactivity
  •     Dyslexia
  •     Vision and hearing problems
  •     Social Issues
  •     Interaction problems
  •     Sensitivity problems
  •     Bulimia
  •     Anorexia